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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Detox BodyBlast - Free Trial

Detox BodyBlast - Free Trial

Countless people use Body Blast Cleanse as an all natural method to gently flush toxins and debris from the digestive system to jump start their weight loss and improve overall health

Healthy Heart  three Foods to avoid 

1.    Salt
One of the major causes for strokes and heart attacks is elevated blood pressure, which is often instigated by an taking too much salt. Primarily, salt has a highly toxic effect on the endothelial cells. The endothelial cells line the arteries and are responsible to keep the blood flow in the normal levels. The normal intake of sodium is less than 2300 milligrams daily. However, over 88% of the population today ingest more than this amount. This is even worse with people that belong in the high risk groups, like people that are over 50 years of age, that have diabetes, kidney disease or high blood pressure, because over 99% of them consume more than the normal amount for them, which is 1500 milligrams per day. If you want to lower the amount of salt in your diet, you need to follow several guidelines: restrict your consumption of fast food, as well as processed foods, like dairy products and meats, and salty snacks. Additionally, you have to avoid bottled salad dressings, like ranch. These types of foods contain the highest level of sodium and should be avoided to keep your heart healthy and minimize the risk of heart attacks.

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